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Welcome to the official website of Sameer Mundkur Photography.

My name is Sameer Mundkur and I want to thank you for your interest in my work.  I am a fine art landscape and nature photographer living in the charming city of San Diego. After taking up a job that brought me to the coast of Southern California, photography turned from a rare hobby to a favorite activity.

The world of nature is in some respects the most restful and relaxing abode imaginable. Nonetheless you stumble upon an endless array of life forms, geological formations, and natural phenomena, which can be incredibly varied, and ceaselessly rousing to your senses. We are born with exceptional sensory acuity, but we begin to lose it quickly in the hustle bustle of city-life. My goal is to bring to you nature in its purest form sprinkled with serenity that I visualize through my eyes.

I enjoy the outdoors and often go shooting sunset shots along Southern California’s dramatic coastline. Self-taught, my art has been further honed everyday by amazing lessons that nature provides and by fellow photographers who inspire me.

In the last 5 years since I gave my heart to photography, my artwork has been published in landscape books, architecture magazines, nature and travel guidebooks and forms of digital media in the United States and overseas. This inspired me to make a website to showcase my work and bring to the world a unique perspective of nature through my eyes.

My work is available for prints and licensing. They are available in the form of – Canvas Giclée, Aluminum Metal, Acrylic Face mount fine art prints. Please inquire about the specific images you are interested in.

I take great pride in making myself available to answer questions and return all inquiries. Please use the form on my contact page to contact me. Thank you again for your interest in my work. I would be delighted to hear from you. Please consider sharing this website with your friends and family.

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  1. Its a treat to the senses to go through your beautiful art and photography… Each picture reveals a surprise and makes one awestruck…keep up the good work Mr.Sameer..

  2. Awesome Nature captured equally spectacularly by you!!! Keep it up!! The subway Zion Fall, Palause Falls, Mono Lake,Sunset at Tiki Hut ,World of Zen are beyond words,I simply loved them. Captured so well! CONGRATS!

  3. Its an art to identify the beautiful aspects of nature and capture it on your roll with precision. This requires time,dedication and patience for sure,something which Sameer has done. Mr Mundkur, your photos are phenomenal and has to be viewed by millions.Keep up the good work and keep us amazed…..:-)

  4. I just started to realize recently that we should not copy other people’s footprint or live under any fear or stress. We should be the master of our own life, even though nobody’s life is easy. I just have not found a way on how to live with the such precious freedom with the foundation of knowledge of truth. But you have set an example for us, to live and observe life in your own way……



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