Trip to the Valley Isle – Maui

Part – 1: Road to Hana

The famous road to Hana is a great drive through some of the most beautiful parts of the Island of Maui. This twisty winding road hugs the scenic coastline with countless waterfalls and vista points along the way.  One of the hidden gems on the road to Hana, is the Ke’anae Arboretum with tropical plants from all around the world. About half a mile along the trail I came across this grove of Rainbow Eucalyptus trees. What makes this tree unique is the multi-colored bark that is formed when the tree sheds patches of outer bark annually at different times. The freshly shed bark starts off as a bright green which then turns to darker greens, oranges and maroon tones.  I was overwhelmed by the fascinating patterns created by nature. I looked around to find the perfect section of bark. After an hour of trying various compositions, I really liked this close-up macro shot the most. I was so engrossed in finding the perfect shot, that little did I pay heed to the millions of mosquitoes that were feeding on me. However, I will never forget the magical colors of the Rainbow eucalyptus trees.

After many more miles of limited sight turns and countless one lane bridges, I finally made it past the town of Hana. At this point the road gets even narrower but the Breakfast Burrito and the banana bread kept me going. I finally reached the Pipiwai Trailhead and made my way up towards the bamboo forest. After about a mile, the trail finally enters a lush green bamboo forest. This was the first time I had seen such dense bamboo growth. It was truly an awe inspiring experience walking through the bamboo forest with the sound of the bamboo canes hitting each other. There was instant sense of calm and time stood still as I looked around trying to take in all the sights and sounds. I wanted to capture the warm glow from the sun that was getting filtered through the dense bamboo forest. This wide angle composition looking up towards the sky, captures the essence of this scene.

The forest grew thicker and the trail transformed into a narrow boardwalk. I walked along the boardwalk scouting for the best spot. I soon reached this section where the boardwalk winds its way through the towering bamboo. A slight bend in the boardwalk adds a sense of mystery of what lies beyond. I setup my tripod and tried several angles and finally settled on this one which in my opinion would best recreate the scene as if the viewer were walking down this trail.


Part – 2 :  Sunrise above the clouds – Haleakala National Park

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  1. Amazing photography! Each picture is a treat to our eyes….unfolding the miracle of ‘ Mother Nature’ through the various slides.

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